Thermbond Concretes:


Advanced Material Technologies Pty Ltd partners and represents THERMBOND REFRACTORY & CONCRETE/ PHOSCRETE CIVIL CONCRETE materials for rapid, permanent repairs to damaged refractory and concrete, HARBISON WALKER INT. for supply of the complete range of refractory bricks, shapes and specialties, WHERETEC/FURNACE MINERAL PRODUCTS for supply and service of ceramic coating products to resist corrosion, slagging and pitting, SUPERIOR WATER CONDITIONER products to stop scale and corrosion within hot and cold water applications, THERMSTRONG advanced ceramic insulation products for all industrial, marine, residential and commercial applications.

Phoscrete Civil Concretes


Furnace Mineral Products (Canada)

Furnace Mineral Products is the recognized global leader in spray-applied ceramic coatings for boiler fireside protection in the Power Generation industry. As a full service industrial ceramic coatings company, Furnace Mineral Products manufactures and applies its own line of proprietary high temperature ceramic coatings designed to prolong the life expectancy of critical boiler components by addressing slag buildup, erosion and corrosion.

Advanced Material Technologies Pty Ltd is the Australian agent for this company.


Harbison Walker INT

We’re the thought leaders. The researchers. The innovators. The tech geeks. We’re the refractory partners who won’t melt when the heat is on, who live to solve your greatest challenges. Every day at HWI, we design solutions that help improve efficiencies, make installations easier, extend campaign lives, and save customers millions of dollars. And it all begins with our intensely driven service teams.


Thermstrong products are a quality assured line of materials and consist of extensive heat insulation materials and high temperature refractories. 
Thermstrong products include ceramic fibre and non-ceramic fibre products, rockwool glass fibre wool insulation, insulation fire bricks and electro-fused cast brick for high performance. 
Thermstrong refractory products feature durability and reliability within industrial equipment, building construction, transport vehicles, ship building for heat insulation management and to provide energy savings.

Superior Water Conditioners

Superior Water Conditioners work by altering the behavior of hard water minerals, inhibiting their formation and negative effects—a complex problem simply solved by Superior technology.

Superior Water Conditioners magnetically alter the natural characteristics of hard water minerals, making it difficult for them to bond together and form a hard brittle scale. Instead, they remain in a suspended state and will either flow on through, or can be easily purged from, water-using equipment and plumbing systems. Superior technology also has zero environmental impact because it requires no energy or chemicals to operate.

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Blasch Ceramics

Founded in 1979, Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc., an Albany, NY based ceramics manufacturer, produces net shape, highly engineered ceramic products and refractory components for a wide variety of industrial markets worldwide. These industries include specialty alloy production, non-ferrous metal processing, chemical/petrochemical processing, power generation, industrial process heating and mining.